Our Amazing Service

Contract Manufacturing

Cost Benefits

Genenest is experienced to optimize costs at various levels. You save on procurement costs, resource costs, capability costs, and machinery. Savings on the manufacturing and entails multiple benefits, the savings can be allocated to other important segments for better ROI.

Increased Quality and Efficiency

Genenest can deliver high-quality products in large volumes as a result of our expertise, facilities, and established manufacturing processes and quality control procedures. Having a sound & robust process will increase the reliability of the product

Technical Competence / MII

Genenest have strong human capital. Our people possess relevant skills, talents, technical knowledge, experiences, and training to enable them to handle and develop manufacturing processes.

Regulatory assistance

Genenest with a wide range of experience can help you take your product to the global markets. We work with multiple clients across the globe & therefore can guide you to take your product to  different global market with relevant certifications.

Regulatory Solutions

Regulatory Approvals & Certification

We specialize in providing regulatory compliance, market intelligence, quality assurance & clinical consulting services to global medical device & IVD manufacturers or suppliers.

License Holding and Authorized Representative

In order to legally sell & market product in India, global companies need to be compliant to Indian regulations & govt defined systems. We at Genenest will be responsible for pre-certification & post market surveillance inquiries. We can serve as an Authorized Representative/License Holder.

Make in India

Low Operational Cost

There is a noticeable Low costs of operation possible from infrastructures to phones to internet to labour to salaries to anything required to set up a business. Moreover, workers are ready to work at low cost. Not only this but tax strategies of India compared to other countries is very moderate and hence could cut the cost of operation of the business.

Government’s initiatives

The government of India has taken several initiatives to attract foreign investments in India’s diverse sectors. It has announced a number of attractive schemes and policies from time to time. The individual ministries of different industries have made special attempts to ease the rules and regulations related to foreign investment in the industry. 

Indian Financial System

India has a well-regulated financial system which has access to developed markets all over the world and can be financed through multiple sources restricted to some rules and regulations of RBI etc.

Start-up India Movement

Under the head of ‘Start-up India Movement’ the government is introducing several reforms to create possibilities for getting  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and foster business partnerships.

Bio Incubator

R&D is major part in innovation and improvement of any Industry, And when it comes to Healthcare, it becomes even more crucial.

For the betterment of mankind, we at Genenest are dedicated towards innovations & advancement for that we welcome all our fellow researchers to come and use our state of art  R&D facilities.